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The Last Goodbye
--- It’s 2:00am I lie awake hearing the sound of your breathing next to me as I hear the gentle breeze through the open window.  Only hours before I was holding you in my arms, kissing your sweet soft lips, and you were mine for that one moment.  Just you and I together as I always imagined, something so perfect, so unreal.  Now it’s forever gone in a distant memory as I lie here with your arm around me, not wanting this night to end.  I want to believe, I want to believe, that this is all real and not just another lie.  But deep inside I know you’re leaving me once again, even though you promised you’ll never do it again.  I want to believe, I want to believe, that you mean it this time; yet you had that look in your eye and I knew after tonight this would be the last goodbye.  You were mine for a time, but then you met her and broke my heart without telling me why.  Was it something I
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New hair by Blacklucky13 New hair :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 0 Year 07 Photo Moments 03 by Blacklucky13 Year 07 Photo Moments 03 :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 7 Year 07 Photo Moments 02 by Blacklucky13 Year 07 Photo Moments 02 :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 0 Year 07 Photo Moments by Blacklucky13 Year 07 Photo Moments :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 0
My Beautiful Tragedy
My Beautiful Tragedy
By Gina Cooper
You ask me to describe my life.
Not in one word, but many,
Should I be honest?
Or shall I just smile,
And give you a nice cut out.
You really want to know,
Fine I shall tell you,
Give it all to you.
That you may finally understand,
To see me for who I am,
Living in this life I call my own.
To hear these words of mine,
Open up your mind,
And listen carefully.
Please, don't talk, or question.
For this is my life, this is me.
My life is a beautiful tragedy,
A tragedy why you ask?
My life goes on like so,
From bad to good,
Sometimes from good to bad,
It's an endless cycle
For I am bound to this life,
To continue to push that rock,
Up the hill, with much effort
Only to watch with despair,
As it rolls down the other side,
To only continue once again.
Beautiful, why beautiful you ask?
I gain a joy from helping others,
Therefore despite being sad,
Joy does come to the me,
To the giver that I am.
Never to stop gaining,
From the good I perform,
Yet I pur
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IPod in blue by Blacklucky13 IPod in blue :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 0 Tattoo 08--Finished Piece by Blacklucky13 Tattoo 08--Finished Piece :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 1 1 Stevie's tinkerbell WIP by Blacklucky13 Stevie's tinkerbell WIP :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 2
by Gina Cooper
Falling into that world, as my eyes close.
Seeing you again, oh my heart burns.
Holding you close, feeling your touch.
Kissing those lips, I love so much.
Running my fingers through your soft hair,
Staring into those captivating eyes.
If only it were real, if only you were here.
No you're just a dream,
Only a dream, fake like a dream,
But you are, my dream...
Your there again, just smiling
Strong arms to hold me closely,
I'll never let go, but i know i must
Wiping the tears from my eyes,
Telling you of the love we share,
Comforting me with a soothing touch.
If only it were real, if only you were here.
No you're just a dream,
Only a dream, fake like a dream,
But you are, my dream...
Sometimes I wonder how long this will last,
This relationship between me and you,
So perfect it seems, so happy indeed.
In a world a step beyond reality,
If this were truly heaven,
I know I'd have it made
If only it were real, if only you were here
But no it's only a dream
You're just
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wishing, dreaming... by Blacklucky13 wishing, dreaming... :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 2 0 National Coming Out Day '06 by Blacklucky13 National Coming Out Day '06 :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 1 2 The Fighter WIP by Blacklucky13 The Fighter WIP :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 3 dorm room by Blacklucky13 dorm room :iconblacklucky13:Blacklucky13 0 4
A Rainy Day
A cloudy day
May seem so bleak,
Until a drop falls,
A simple gift from heaven,
Cleansing everything it touches.
Bringing that refreshing scent,
Of coolness, to all that is green
Causing your eyes close,
Letting your arms stretch out,
Letting go of everything,
Together just capturing this moment.
Becoming cleansed once again
Feeling it pour down,
Soaking us, washing us
A smile, a bit of laughter
Taking your innocent hand in mine,
Let us dance now, and forever
A ritual, a ceremony it's become
Bonding us together
Running after you now,
Slipping on the wet grass
Jumping, splashing into a puddle,
Soaking wet through, and through
At last feeling numb from the cold
Racing inside for shelter
Seeking dryness and warmth,
Hearing the heavy pounding upon the roof,
Like a thousand marbles,
Falling upon a marble floor
Escaping another drenching downpour
Clothes now stuck on like glue,
Hair plastered to one's face.
Looking into each other's eyes
An exciting moment shared,
Now reaching for a warm blan
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Just Dreaming
Looking into those eyes,
Enjoying her sweet smile,
A feeling of warmth growing inside.
Arms to embrace her gently,
Never wanting to let go.
Wishing this ecstacy could last forever.
Only for a moment it's true.
Lips to provide a kiss,
A fiery passion ignites.
Fingers to caress such soft skin,
Desire, a hunger for more builds.
Two bodies striving to get closer,
Tangled admist articles of clothes,
Now only bare, exposed to the heat.
Intwined, our bodies so close.
Knowing her body so well,
Always seeking new treasures.
Pleasing her cravings for more,
Feeding off our own hungers.
Striving for that one place,
Where only we can exsist.
Like our own heaven on earth.
Together forever in eachother's arms.
Such beauty only found in true love.
A shame it's only a dream.
By Gina Cooper
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Little G
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Well, folks the drawing is back on track.  I'm getting together with one of my friends and old boss to help put together a children's book that I'll be illustrating.  The cool part of this is that I've worked with her before in regards to doing artwork for her and painting a few murals and directing cakes even... but this time I get paid for my work hehe Whoot, whoot :)  However, besides that I've slowing been getting back into my drawing I'll be uploading a design I did for USD homecoming called "D-Days 2008" and to represent or universities move to D-1 It's pretty cool and I'm excited my T-shirt design got chosen among the others that were submitted this year.  So that's what's been up so far.  
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